and the next anthology is…

the members have voted and a new theme for the next OCC Anthology is:

Laundry Day

The deadline for submissions is coming up fast, July 15th! Yes, this July 15th. We want to have it printed in time for the next round of conventions this fall. Here are the format details courtesy of Joey: “Submissions should be in B&W, 2-12 pages long, drawn at a 2:3 ratio (so 6 x 9 or 12 x 18, or whatever you prefer), and include your name + a brief artist bio.” so hurry up and get to doodling!

shameless plug


That there kinda has something to do with laundry, right?


4 Comments on “and the next anthology is…”

  1. Annj Thompson says:

    For contributions: Do you have to reside in Oly proper or in the general metropolitan vicinity? I’m a long timey Oly person but I live now in McCleary.

  2. Mr Rzie says:

    I don’t see why not. We should have an e-mail to send submissions to rather soon.

  3. […] first anthology called Frontiers: An Olympia Cartoonists Anthology in May. Our second anthology, Laundry Day: An Olympia Cartoonists Anthology, is set to debut at the Jet City Comic Show in Seattle this September! All profits from our […]

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