Help Joamette Get Published

IDW is publishing an anthology for women but it’s not for profit. It needs money before it can see the light of day.

Here’s what Joey has to say:

That’s right! I’m one of dozens of female comics creators who will be contributing their talents to Heroic, a collection of comics exclusively by women and the first publication of its kind! It’s going to be published by IDW, one of the largest comics publishers in the country and the folks that brought you 30 Days of Night and Spike Vs. Dracula. The story I write is going to be drawn by Katie Shanahan, a prominent animator and comics artists (Shrub Monkeys, Flight), and will have one of the longer page allotments in the book!

We’re talking a 300 page, 9×12, hardcover, FULL COLOR book of comics.

Now here’s the kicker: we need to raise $25,000 to get it printed! IDW is publishing it, but they won’t see any of the profits. All the money is going to the Global Giving Foundation, so we have to help them pay for printing costs.

Please help us make this massive and amazing project become a reality by donating to our Kickstarter fund! Through Kickstarter, you will receive rewards for donating (the higher the donation, the bigger the incentive), and your donations will be tax deductible. If we make it to our monetary goal within 31 days, then we can go ahead and bring this epic collaboration of women of all ages into the world; if we fall short of the $25,000 at the end of 31 days, no harm no foul: Kickstarter won’t charge your card.

The minimum donation is only $1 – please help support this effort to show the comics industry just how much women love comics!


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