Abecedarium, Womanthology, and Jack Butchman!

Three exciting updates on some of our local cartoonists here in Oly!

First up, P. Calavara is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his own serigraphy studio and a series of alphabet themed fine art prints! Check out the video below for a look into this cool project. The campaign is 58% funded with only 9 days left to go. For those of you unfamiliar with how Kickstarter works, all pledgers receive incentives related to the project (often a copy of the project itself), but if the financial goal isn’t met by the deadline, nobody gets charged and the campaigner goes back to zero!! Let’s help out our fellow cartoonists by showing our support for independent book projects locally!

Next up, the highly lauded and long-awaited Womanthology: Heroic from IDW is now available for pre-order! Local creator Joamette Gil (whose work is featured in the anthology) urges everyone who’d like to buy a copy of the massive, all-female comics anthology to pre-order before November 24th through Danger Room Comics, the collective’s biggest supporter, using NOV Previews item code NOV110296! Here is part of the massive preview released featuring a page from “Margarite and Leopold” written by Joamette and drawn by Katie Shanahan.

Last but certainly not least, our own Tucker Rzepecki has graced the world with the first full issue of Jack Butchman, Professional Man of Action!  You may already remember Jack and his boy sidekick Billy from Frontiers: An Olympia Cartoonist Anthology. You can pick up their brand-new adventures at Danger Room Comics or order them online via IndyPlanet.com!


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