From the Danger Room: Kagan McLeod Today from 3pm – 6pm!

“Hi folks,

Today (Saturday, the 19th) from 3-6 pm, we are very proud to be hosting an appearance by cartoonist Kagan McLeod!
Kagan is most well-known for his opus Infinite Kung Fu, which is the top-selling periodical comic in the history of our store!  The series has finally been collected in book format by Top Shelf Comix with hundreds of new pages of story added and/or re-worked.  McLeod is also known for his covers on the IDW Publishing series Kill Shakespeare, for his amazing History of Rap poster (currently available for purchase at Danger Room), and for his illustration work which has appeared in Hollywood Reporter, Juxtapoz, Family Circle, and more.
In typical Danger Room fashion, we plan this to be more than a simple “stand in line, get the autograph, move along” type of event.  We will also be chatting with Kagan and taking some Q&A, and Kagan has told us he’s happy to do sketches (for folks who ask nicely).
So come down, should be a good time!
Video interview with McLeod discussing Infintie Kung Fu and History of Rap:

Danger Room Comics
201 W 4th Ave.
Olympia, WA 98501
360 705-3050″


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