“Who the heck are you?”

We are the visual narrators of Olympia, Washington. Well not all of them, but a healthy portion. We are united in our love of comics and our desire for a communal studio. That’s right: we’re tired of doodling alone on our kitchen tables and computer desks. Contrary to popular belief, not all us artsy-fartsy types are hermits. Some of us actually like to socialize, and if we can do so while making comics, all the better!

We meet up at Chelsea Baker’s joint every Wednesday at 5 PM until our mission to start a studio is accomplished! If you prefer to hang out somewhere a little more public, we also meet on Fridays at 7 PM in the Volcano Vapor Cafe in Downtown olympia! Regular meetings consist of comicking, doodling, talking shop, talking comics, and talking life (sometimes with snacks). Decisions are made collectively via group discussion and consensus (at best) or majority rules (at worst). Email us at olycartoonists@gmail.com if you want to be kept up to date on all other meetings, events, projects, etc.

“Neat, how do I join?”

Well, first of all, are you a cartoonist?

Do you live in or near Olympia, WA?

Yes and yes? Then you’re in! Remember that Facebook group I mentioned a moment ago? You can just sign up there. Not into the whole Facebook thing? That’s alright, you can just show up to one of our meetings (it’s not like we do a role call or anything) and sign up for email updates by request at olycartoonists@gmail.com.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Help would be awesome! That communal studio thing is our ultimate goal so any suggestions on where or how we can achieve such a thing would be great. The more eyes on the lookout of cheap studio space the better. Contributing to anthologies and taking part in collective events to raise our visibility is another way!

Any other ideas are always welcome. :)