Meet the ‘Toonists

Chelsea Baker

Born and raised near Omaha, NE, Chelsea Baker settled on cartooning as a career choice at the ripe old age of eight. She spent over four years working at Danger Room Comics in downtown Olympia and currently makes her living doing freelance illustration, graphic design, and advertising management for the Olympia Power & Light newspaper. She splits her free time between drawing comics and organizing the annual Olympia Comics Festival. She can be contacted at

P. Calavara

P. Calavara is an artist, illustrator, writer, and comic-maker living in the Olympia area. It’s true! We swear it! P. Calavara is available for parties! Or commissioned art for your reason-you-need-commissioned-art, be it illustration, painting, or some hybrid of the both, created through science though driven mad by the tortured soul within, forced to haunt the nights of man. Also, digital type stuffs. Contact me through the interweb machine!

Aerick Duckhugger

Born and raised amidst the sap dripping pine troves of rural Washington State. He spent his childhood lost in absurd fantasies and whimsies and hasn’t quite found his way out yet, all these years later. A variety of illustrations and art workings can be viewed at his Deviant Art page  and his current daily comics project, “Bellowslandia: the Diary of Hinble Lanterns” can be found at the Bellowslandia comic blog.

Joamette Gil

Joamette Gil is the creator of Blackbirds and the founding member of the O.C.C. Her work was first published in Womanthology: Heroic (IDW), and now she’s up to her neck in exciting comics-related shenanigans (as usual). She also does lettering and layout work for Dusk Comics and has provided art for some of its titles. You can follow her work and comics-saturated life at

Zoey Hogan

Zoey is a refugee princess from a galaxy far, far away where a princess’ primary responsibility is to make comics. Since coming to the Earth Planet she has started the sporadically updated webcomic Hungry Roots and maintains a Deviantart to continue in her princessly duties. She enjoys many of Earth’s finer delicacies (disco fries) and interesting fauna, particularly cats and elephants.

Angelica “Milkweed” Blevins

She draws things, you look at them. She cooks things, you eat them. She’s Olympia’s presiding “vegan mofo.”

Terrence Nowicki Jr.

Terrence Nowicki, Jr. is an illustrator from the state of Washington whose student cartoons won the AAEC’s John Locher Memorial Award (2005) and the SPJ’s National Mark of Excellence Award (2005 & 2007). This is Historic Times is an editorial cartoon and news blog featuring his work.

Tucker Rzepecki

The somewhat bawdy cartoonist responsible for the oft neglected “Bob’s Discount Gag Emporium.” Once upon a time he adopted the pen-name “Bob Rz” and lurked around Deviant Art. These days he spends most his time poking the internet with a stick hoping it’ll do something cool.  Originally from South Dakota, Tucker made his escape to the northwest a few short years ago in the hopes of finding more fertile ground for his cartooning. And less snow.  Now if only he’d get off his butt and draw something.

Luke Turner

Luke fantasizes about making philosophical sequential art. But he has yet to produce such a thing. In the meantime, he is just practicing the art of drawing and finding his style.

Nathan Wirtz

Nathan is the independent creator of Vaudeville, an anthology style comic series in the tradition of the classic EC science fiction and horror stories